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We help traditional dine-in restaurants take online TO-GO orders. Priced to help you survive social distancing.

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Special Covid-19 Restaurant Relief Pricing
    $300 Flat, One Time Fee
    Most online menus can be setup for $300. Large or complex menus may be more expensive, but we will work with you to find an option that works. For instance, you may have a large menu, but only want a small selection of items for online ordering. And, smaller menus may cost less.
    No Monthly Fee (until September)

If your menu does not change, or does not change much, then your flat fee covers your cost until at least September. If your menu is large and your order volume is high, a monthly plan may be required.

The monthly plans range from zero to $120, depending on your menu size and order volume. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. If you only want to use your menu until August, that is fine. This is not a gimmick to trick you into a monthly plan.
Menu Changes
  Once your menu is complete, you may have some changes from time to time. We can work with you to determine the best way to handle your changes, based on your specific needs. Here are some basic guidelines for changes.
ONE change per week - No Charge
Update weekly specials - $5 - 10 per week (only on weeks with changes)
Update daily specials - $10 - $30 per week (only on weeks with changes)
Things We Never Charge For
Multiple locations with the exact same menu. As long as each location has the same menu, you can have as many locations as you want.
Per order fee - Never
Commissions or percentages per order - Never
Payment/Credit Card Processors
  If you credit card processor is compatible with our software, we can use your existing account to process online credit card payments. If you don't have a credit card processor, we can help you set one up. Or, if you would like to use a different processor for your online orders, we can help you set one up.
Our Payment Processor Compatability Includes:
  & Many Others



It is our goal
to help your restaurant
get more to-go orders!
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